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Saskatoon unemployment rises in July

— Saskatoon labour recovery trends down The Saskatoon CMA lost 900 jobs in July, with the unemployment rate rising to 7.9%. This increase, from 7.3% in June, was the result of […]
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Saskatoon recovers 2,000 jobs in April

— While national employment numbers fell in April as a result of a third wave of COVID-19, Saskatchewan saw growth in employment. According to the Canadian Federation of Independent Businesses’ Business […]
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Four economic themes to watch for in 2021

— Following an economic contraction of 5.0% for the Saskatoon Region in 2020, strong growth of 6.0% is expected this year as vaccinations surge. Moreover, there are four themes emerging in […]
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SREDA Forum 2020

Once upon a time, in a land nearby, there was a city filled with boundless opportunities, passionate people, big skies, and even bigger ideas. This remarkable city was at a pivotal time in history where anything was possible. This is a story about a city on the quest to answer the question: How to grow a city in the new economy?
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Catherine Hynes

Specialist, Communications