SREDA’s 2018 International Harvest Winner Announces Office in the Saskatoon Region

SREDA is beyond excited to welcome NRGene, an Israel based genomics company, to the Saskatoon Region. The company announced they are expanding their operations to Canada and will be opening an office in Saskatoon.

SREDA played an important role in the attraction of NRGene. The company visited Saskatoon through SREDA’s 2018 Agriculture Technology Harvest Program (HARVEST), where they traveled to the Saskatoon Region to showcase their genomics AI to organizations in Saskatchewan. The relationships formed and business opportunities identified by the company over the years has been so strong it has chosen Saskatoon for its first office in Canada.

“This announcement is great news – an international investment that will create local jobs and further grow our economy,” said Alex Fallon, President and CEO of SREDA. “SREDA is thrilled to see our efforts helped attract NRGene to the Saskatoon Region. It also validates what we already know, when companies visit the Saskatoon Region, they see opportunity. This is a world class place to do business.”

In true Saskatchewan spirit, collaboration was a key component in attracting NRGene to the city. Many local organizations worked with NRGene to make Saskatoon the ideal place for their business, including the Government of Saskatchewan, Innovation Saskatchewan, the University of Saskatchewan and the Global Institute for Food Security.

“Partnerships and collaboration between numerous organizations in Saskatchewan was the key to attracting a company like NRGene,” added Fallon. “It was these partnerships at a City, Regional, and Provincial level amongst government, industry and academia that helped make this possible. More evidence that we all win when we work together.”

This is the second Harvest winner that has expanded their operations to the Saskatoon Region. In 2018, PBD Biotech, a U.K. based AgTech company, established a Canadian subsidiary in Saskatoon. PBD Biotech traveled to Saskatoon in 2017 as part of SREDA’s Harvest program.

For more information on NRGene, visit: Government of Saskatchewan

Erin Lawson

Chief Executive Officer
(306) 664-0724