SREDA welcomes UK’s Soilwater to Saskatoon

This summer, SREDA launched its Agriculture Technology HARVEST Program to attract budding ag-tech companies to Saskatoon. Now, just a few months later, SREDA is pleased to welcome Soilwater to Saskatoon next week.

Soilwater is a science innovation company with five years of research into global soil conditioning. Christian Murray, Soilwater’s Founder & CEO, will meet with key members of the Saskatchewan agriculture, science and innovation sectors as well as potential partners. The hope is he will see Saskatoon as the best place to expand their business.

Soilwater collects data and then uses it to advise the best use of its Rescaype catalyst to assure climate change impact mitigation and meeting of net-zero targets in agricultural soils. Rescaype repairs soil quality resulting in larger yields, stronger crops and a reduced need for irrigation, pesticides or fertilization. Rescaype has multiple uses, from hobby gardening and allotments to large agricultural applications – farms, nurseries, parks and horticulture. A natural fit for Saskatchewan’s world-class agriculture sector.

SREDA is organizing meetings for Soilwater during their time in Saskatoon. Interested in meeting with the company? To do so, simply drop Brad a line:

Brad Bly

Director, Business Attraction and Investment
(306) 664-0720