SREDA welcomes UK’s DroneAg to Saskatoon

It started with a coffee in a Starbucks in a small town outside London.

That’s when Alex Fallon, President and CEO of SREDA, first met Edwin Nichols of DroneAg. Now, several months later, Edwin will be in Saskatoon, June 28 to July 23, to look at expanding the company’s presence here.

During that initial meeting, Alex and Edwin discussed how DroneAg’s technology was perfectly suited for Saskatchewan’s farmers. The company is spending time in Saskatchewan as part of the VOYAGE program – a partnership between SREDA and Ag-West Bio that attracts ag-tech companies to participate in the Global Agri-Food Advancement Partnership (GAAP). GAAP supports ag-tech start-ups looking to establish in Saskatchewan/Canada. 

DroneAg has become a leader in precision agriculture and drone technology. The company recently announced it had secured over $1.2M in funding to develop its new crop scouting technology.

SREDA will be hosting a luncheon for DroneAg and other ag-tech companies visiting Saskatoon on July 19. SREDA members and Saskatoon business leaders are invited to join the luncheon. To do so, simply drop Alex a line: