SREDA signs publishing deal

The Saskatoon Regional Development Authority (SREDA), an organization primarily known for its work supporting the growth of the local economy, has reason to celebrate.

After publishing its ‘The Folks at 4th Ave’ comic for several years in the SREDA NEWSflash, SREDA announced today it has been offered a publishing deal to release a series of comic books based on the Folks at Fourth Ave.

The deal will see SREDA partner with a Vancouver-based graphic design company to create the series in print and online, with publication slated for Fall 2020.

Commenting on the deal, SREDA Team Lead & CEO Alex Fallon said:

“This deal will generate additional revenue for SREDA and therefore allow us to increase our economic development programming. The fact that we can do so while sharing our humor is an added benefit. This demonstrates the entrepreneurial spirt that SREDA, like so many businesses in Saskatchewan, has coursing through its veins.”

The leather-bound collection of comics will be available through the SREDA website at a cost of $65.99 each.

In advance of the collection’s publication, interested readers can sign up to the NEWSflash to stay informed on local business news and to follow ‘The Folks at 4th Ave’.

An official statement on the deal will be released by the Vancouver design firm in the coming days. In the meantime, SREDA is asking that readers of the NEWSflash treat this news as embargoed until Noon, April 1st, 2021.

For more information please contact:

Archibald Andrews
Vice President, Publications
Weegotchu Design Studio
Vancouver, BC