SREDA launches SK Startup Institute

SREDA announced today the launch of its province-wide entrepreneurship program SK Startup Institute.

The first place for entrepreneurs to go when starting a business, SK Startup Institute, formerly known as Square One, serves all people and all types of businesses throughout Saskatchewan. Funded by Prairies Economic Development Canada, the program strengthens the local economy by supporting entrepreneurs looking to start their journey.

SK Startup Institute’s services include free one-on-one business advice and set-up assistance, insightful market research reports, educational seminars and more. From broad ideas to crucial details, SK Startup Institute advisors help entrepreneurs get the knowledge they need to succeed in Saskatchewan.

“There’s never been a time when entrepreneurship is so critical to creating jobs and growing our economy. This is why we’re launching SK Startup Institute; to help people start and grow their businesses and make their dreams a reality,” said Alex Fallon, SREDA President and CEO. “If you’re an entrepreneur looking to get a head start, our team of experts will guide and encourage you on your journey. Wherever you live in Saskatchewan, whatever your industry, SK Startup Institute is here to support you every step of the way.”

The SK Startup Institute brand identity, expresses the program’s friendly, genuine approach to pathfinding and support services. The program website provides a wealth of self-serve resources, including on-demand webinars and referrals to qualified business experts. Entrepreneurs can also book appointments online to speak with a SK Startup Institute Advisor for personalized assistance.

 “Our goal is to help start thousands of businesses across every corner of Saskatchewan over the coming years, and SK Startup Institute will do just that,” added Fallon.

According to the Saskatchewan Small Business Profile, over 98.9% of Saskatchewan businesses are small businesses, with approximately 29% of Saskatchewan’s GDP attributable to small business. In 2021, SREDA’s prior entrepreneurship program, Square One, helped hundreds of entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses in Saskatchewan.

Erin Lawson

Chief Executive Officer
(306) 664-0724