SREDA Introduces Learning Together Mentorship Policy

Today, SREDA added the Learning Together mentorship policy to its Human Resources manual. Learning Together connects SREDA employees with Indigenous post-secondary students interested in a career in the SREDA employee’s area of expertise. SREDA employees dedicate time each month to mentoring their partner in learning, helping them build valuable practical skills as well as offering opportunities to network in the Saskatoon Region business community.

SREDA is committed to honouring the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Calls to Action. Learning Together acts on call #92ii: “Ensure that Aboriginal peoples have equitable access to jobs, training, and education opportunities in the corporate sector, and that Aboriginal communities gain long-term sustainable benefits from economic development projects.”

All SREDA employees will be trained on Indigenous history and reconciliation, with a minimum of 2 hours a month allocated to mentorship duties. Partnerships with post-secondary students will begin for select SREDA employees this summer, followed by expansion of the program as employees complete training.

“Indigenous economic reconciliation is a key pillar of SREDA’s work. By ensuring that we commit time each month to fostering relationships with Indigenous post-secondary students, SREDA can better connect with and strengthen the next generation of leaders in our community,” said Alex Fallon, SREDA President and CEO. “This policy will help students build experience and enhance their opportunities for employment. Ultimately, our goal is to help move the needle on the percentage of Indigenous employees in the local workforce. We also challenge other organizations to implement similar policies so that they prioritize this aspect of reconciliation.”

Indigenous students or young professionals interested in partaking in Learning Together can contact SREDA at