SREDA Go Money winner Rachel Drew is making estate settlement simple with Cadence

After a loved one’s death, administering estate details is typically the last thing on your mind. Yet in the weeks that follow, emotionally draining work can burden the already grieving and overwhelmed people tasked with estate settlement. That’s certainly what Rachel Drew found after her mother died in 2014; she spent numerous hours filing paperwork and closing accounts in what amounted to a surprisingly painful process.

That experience proved to be a catalyst for the entrepreneurial Drew. Her company, Cadence, simplifies estate settlement by a large margin. Work of 75 hours, on average, can be completed in around 60 minutes. Cadence currently offers estate settlement software and a concierge service to individuals, funeral homes and other estate professionals. They also provide direct support through Certified Executor Advisors for those who prefer one-on-one guidance.

Drew’s journey with Cadence has been promising. After a successful experience in the Co.Labs Co.Launch program, where Cadence took first place, Drew applied to SREDA’s Go Money Entrepreneurship Competition. Through Go Money, Drew honed her business skills in the initial strategy sessions. Her potential and polish ultimately led to a successful pitch at the finale competition, where Cadence took home the second-place prize. Now, Cadence is expanding across Canada and making plans for the American market. Ultimately, Drew aims to make Cadence a transformational part of how death is managed in modern life.

Of the Go Money Entrepreneurship Competition, Drew said: “Go Money is about so much more than the money. Whether you’re in the ideation stage or have already started to form your business, the exposure, business mentorship, connections and experience presenting your ideas are extremely valuable. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain – I highly encourage fellow entrepreneurs to apply.”

Get your ideas off the ground with Go Money

This year’s SREDA Go Money Entrepreneurship Competition is now accepting applications. Get your ideas off the ground and sharpen your business skills through strategy sessions before a finale competition pitching to local experts. The annual Go Money Entrepreneurship Competition awards a total of $30,000 cash to promising Saskatoon Region entrepreneurs who have been in business two years or less. You could be one of them!

Applications are due September 13th.