SREDA begins process for first-ever economic growth strategy

SREDA, together with the City of Saskatoon and industry partners, is taking leading the development of an Economic Growth Plan for Saskatoon.

This first-of-its-kind economic growth plan entitled Growing YXE will lay out a proactive approach towards shaping Saskatoon’s economic future over the next five years, capitalizing on the unique opportunities and challenges facing Saskatoon. Not only will this plan address Saskatoon’s diversified economy and growth potential in its key sectors, but it will also look at attracting talent to Saskatoon and promoting Saskatoon across Canada and beyond.

The first phase of this process began in January, with SREDA facilitating a Steering Committee Meeting, with representatives from the City of Saskatoon, Innovation Saskatchewan, the Ministry of Trade and Export Development, the NSBA, the Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce, the Saskatchewan Trade and Export Partnership, Saskatchewan Polytechnic, the University of Saskatchewan, the Saskatchewan First Nations Economic Development Network and the Clarence Campeau Development Fund.

The second phase, which includes industry roundtables and interviews with representatives from Saskatoon’s key sectors, as well as a public survey, are currently underway and will be concluded in May. SREDA President and CEO Alex Fallon said this approach will help create an all-encompassing plan that captures the needs of the economic drivers in Saskatoon.

“The collaborative spirit behind the development of Growing YXE is what makes it so exciting,” Fallon said. “As community and industry leaders, we want to build an economic plan for growth that ensure Saskatoon is a competitive place to live and do business for years to come; and together, we will shape that future for the city.”

Saskatoon Mayor Charlie Clark added it’s great to see so many players around the table, shaping the future of Saskatoon together.

“We have a tremendous amount to offer the world: our talent, quality of life, diversified resources. We want young people to look around our city and say, ‘There is a future here for me’,” Clark said. “Creating a strategy will help create good jobs, drive community development and align priorities across all sectors. I’m looking forward to continuing to work with SREDA and industry partners to create this important economic growth plan.”

The third phase of this report, which includes research, writing and design will take place between June and September and the expected release date is in the Fall.

Erin Lawson

Chief Marketing Officer
(306) 664-0724