SREDA and RROC sign agreement to collaborate

The Regina Regional Opportunities Commission (RROC) and Saskatoon Regional Economic Development Authority (SREDA) announced today they have signed an important agreement to collaborate on economic development strategies that will enable both communities to grow and succeed.

“Our Council strongly believes that collaboration and co-operation between our cities can help create the foundation for strategic economic development for all of Saskatchewan,” said Regina Mayor Michael Fougere. “The future of our communities is clearly linked, and I applaud SREDA and RROC for their innovative approach to economic development and ensuring achievable and sustainable growth for our cities.”

“Saskatoon and Regina are the economic drivers of Saskatchewan”, says Saskatoon Mayor Donald Atchison. “During this time of economic growth it makes sense for SREDA and RROC to partner on certain cooperative initiatives and speak with one voice to attract business, workers and investment. This is the kind of innovative approach to economic development that will power our future success.”

The Economic Development Partnership Agreement (EDPA) signed by the two agencies commits them to collaborate in those areas of industry and regional economic development where their purpose and objectives are aligned. By enabling collaboration between industry, policy leaders and influencers, the two organizations believe they can ensure that our two largest cities capitalize on the increasing global concentration of people and economic activity in urban centres.

Together the cities of Saskatoon and Regina account for almost half of the total population of Saskatchewan, a large percentage of the labour force, 60% of the province’s large employers, and gross domestic product greater than their share of population. The two cities together represent a critical mass of industry and population that can ensure long term prosperity.

“We have many more opportunities to assist each other than to compete against each other,” said RROC President and CEO John Lee. “This allows both organizations to leverage the assets and capacities we bring to the table to create a stronger case for Saskatchewan as a place to do business.”

“Working together is something that has evolved naturally, and now we want to formalize it,” said SREDA President and CEO Alex Fallon. “It speaks to the level of trust and mutual understanding that has built up between us.” Economic growth doesn’t just happen, it’s the result of people and organizations coming together to create the right conditions, this partnership between SREDA and RROC will help us work together on projects that can help create jobs and prosperity in the Saskatoon region and Regina, and that benefits us all.

This agreement forms the foundation for a new and collaborative economic development model between RROC and SREDA. It is not formal agreement between cities, but rather a plan for SREDA and RROC to collaborate on areas of mutual interest. The focus of the agreement is on these priorities:

Senior Working Relationship
Labour & Talent Attraction and Retention
Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Development
Investment Attraction and Growth & Diversification
Maintaining a Policy Environment to Support Growth
Contributing to the Government of Saskatchewan’s Saskatchewan Plan for Growth
Building on their commitment to collaborate, SREDA and RROC have joined forces to increase investment to the province, and will embark on an investment attraction mission to Calgary and Vancouver, May 6-7.

In recent months RROC & SREDA have collaborated to support entrepreneurs through Square One and the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program, along with sharing of strategic and competitive intelligence between the organizations.

For more information, contact:

Alison Barton, Manager, Communications, Stakeholder Relations & Partnerships
P: (306) 789-5099 ext. 225

Alex Fallon, President & CEO
P: (306) 664-0720

SREDA helps grow the Saskatoon regional economy by providing programs and services in the areas of business attraction, business retention and expansion, entrepreneurial support, regional planning and marketing of Saskatoon.

About RROC
Regina Regional Opportunities Commission (RROC) is the lead economic development agency for the City of Regina and region. RROC provides leadership to the community with specific accountability for the following core functions:

Support industry growth and diversification through retention, development and attraction of industry and tourism.
Find innovative ways to promote sustainable growth and effectively addressing the challenges of growth.
Market and promote the Regina region for business and tourism.
Ensure the Regina region offers a vibrant and diversified economy for investors, is a positive destination experience for visitors and offers a high quality of life for residents