SREDA 2021 Go Money winner selected for Google Accelerator Program

Local tech entrepreneur Rachel Drew’s company, Cadence, helps to transform how estate settlement is handle in the modern world – the company has now been accepted into the prestigious Google Accelerator Program.

After a loved one’s death, administering estate details is typically the last thing on your mind. Yet in the weeks that follow, emotionally draining work can burden the already grieving and overwhelmed people tasked with estate settlement.

When Rachel’s mother passed away in 2014, Rachel spent numerous hours filing paperwork and closing accounts in what amounted to a surprisingly painful process. That experience proved to be a catalyst for the entrepreneurial Drew. Her company, Cadence, simplifies estate settlement. Paperwork that might take over 75 hours, on average, can be completed in around 60 minutes.

Drew’s journey with Cadence has been promising. After a successful experience in the Co.Labs Co.Launch program, where Cadence took first place, Drew applied to SREDA’s Go Money Entrepreneurship Competition where she took second prize and $10,000 to help her grow her business. 

Cadence has grown with customers across Canada, and has now secured a place in a three-month Google Accelerator Program that will provide guidance on expanding into the U.S.

Commenting on the news, Alex Fallon, President and CEO, SREDA said: “This is another example of a local tech entrepreneur growing their business not only in Saskatchewan but across Canada and internationally. We’re thrilled our 2021 Go Money program played a part in supporting Cadence’s growth. Congratulations to Rachel and the Candence team on this remarkable achievement”.

Alex Fallon

President and Chief Executive Officer
(306) 664 -0723