SOAR winner Stardust Clothing and Accessories opening retail store May 1st

This Saturday (May 1st), one of Natasha Seeseequasis’s dreams is coming true: the entrepreneur behind Stardust Clothing and Accessories will open her first brick-and-mortar pop-up retail location at The Centre Mall. After winning one of SREDA’s SOAR grants in January, Seeseequasis has been busy gearing up for Stardust’s grand opening, renovating the space to suit her business, planning staffing, marketing the launch and creating inventory. For an entrepreneur as imaginative as Seeseequasis, that last part comes naturally.

Stardust Clothing and Accessories offers vibrant, whimsical creations as unique as the people buying them. Seeseequasis got her start with a sewing machine and an experimental, eager mind where every new idea sparked another one. A niece asking Seeseequasis to make a custom bag was a catalyst for Stardust’s highly individual designs and colour schemes. After that, the creativity never stopped: from vintage tie-dye designs to vinyl printing and intricately formed mandalas, Stardust brings a little more magic into the world with each piece.

Stardust Clothing and Accessories was one of the top three finalists in the 2020 SOAR program, securing a grant alongside operational support from SREDA and the Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce (Chamber). Seeseequasis has made excellent use of these resources, purchasing supplies for creating inventory and working with the Chamber on marketing and outreach opportunities. Above all, she credits the SOAR program with supporting her at a pivotal time while she follows her dreams.

As an Indigenous entrepreneur whose community has believed in her and supported her every step of the way, Seeseequasis wants to be a beacon to others. This message of inspiration is even built into the name of her business. “There’s a little bit of magic in everyone, because we are all stardust,” said Seeseequasis. “So believe that your dreams matter. You matter. Believe that the things you do matter, and never, ever give up on yourself.”

Are you an Indigenous entrepreneur in the Saskatoon Region?

SREDA’s SOAR program provides grants of up to $10,000 to promising Indigenous small business owners launching or growing their businesses in the Saskatoon Region. The program is intended to accelerate the business development of feasible ideas while supporting the growth of the founding entrepreneurs. SOAR is delivered in partnership with the Chamber, who provide networking, promotional and advisory support to SOAR participants.

The SOAR program will run next in 2022, so if you have an idea with originality, strong market potential and impact on the Saskatoon Region economy, get in touch with the SREDA team to learn more.