Small Business Week – a celebration of entrepreneurship

The Saskatoon Region economy is one of the most diversified economies in the country. The backbone of this diverse economy is an army of small businesses.

Earlier this year, SREDA released an insights piece on the impact small businesses have on the local economy. According to the Statistics Canada Business Register, 99.8% of all Saskatchewan businesses fall in the small or medium category, while only 0.2% (87 businesses) are classified as large.

“With entrepreneurship on the rise and a new generation of Saskatchewan entrepreneurs launching new companies, there is no doubt small businesses will continue to have a significant impact on the local economy,” said Alex Fallon, President and CEO of SREDA.

“The increase for entrepreneurial support has been steadily increasing at Square One. This past quarter alone we saw a 25 percent increase in requests compared to 2015,” said DonnaLyn Thorsteinson, Senior Director at Square One.

To celebrate Small Business Week, SREDA’s Square One program will be hosting free seminars on a variety of business topics all week.

“The response to our Small Business Week seminars was overwhelming. We sold out earlier this month and added more seminars to fill the demand,” said Thorsteinson.

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