From Fallon’s Desk: Saskatchewan: From Breadbasket to Global Grocery Store?

Saskatchewan has been known as the breadbasket of the world for over a century. In fact, commentary in the Saskatoon StarPhoenix from 1912 refers to the term breadbasket of the world as “so much the custom” that it was practically cliché, even then. But that wheat-centric reputation needs updating as we reach the 2020s.

Today, it’s more accurate to call Saskatchewan a global grocery store.

Our province continues to play a central role in supplying grain for bread across the world, yet at the same time, that role has evolved. The variety of crops produced here continues to grow; from mustard, flax, and canary seed to lentils, chickpeas, and soybeans—as well as wheat. And we produce huge amounts that are exported to countries around the globe.

What’s more, we’ve shifted from exporting raw ingredients to supplying increasingly prepared products. Rather than solely shipping wheat, we now provide a wide variety of options you might see sitting on a store shelf, straight from a Saskatchewan source.

You’re now as likely to encounter Saskatchewan’s exports in a sophisticated plant-based meal halfway around the world as you once were to pull a warm loaf of bread made with Saskatchewan wheat out of the oven in Ottawa, or Paris. We’re still putting food on the table across the world, but the options we provide have expanded from wheat to so much more.

When it comes to the global agri-food stage, Saskatchewan plays a lead role – and it’s time we used a phrase that reflects our leadership role in helping to feed the world. So to me, we’re no longer just the ‘breadbasket of the world’, we are ‘the global grocery store’.

That’s what’s on my mind, let me know your thoughts?

Thanks, Alex