Local tech start-ups learn the ropes from Silicon Valley

Connections between Silicon Valley and the Saskatoon Region was the main takeaway five technology startups had from a recent trip to San Francisco. These links were made as a result of SREDA’s new entrepreneurship and business expansion program called The Tech Trip (TTT).

Launched in partnership with Co.Labs, TTT provided local tech entrepreneurs the opportunity to meet with high-impact investors, mentors and industry experts who could help them take their startups to the next level and scale. To secure their spot on this trip, local entrepreneurs competed in a pitch competition with SREDA and Co.Labs.

SkillShark was one of the five successful companies who were able to take part in this program. Neil Anderson said this trip helped foster new connections that could help make their business grow.

“These new connections provided benefit in two main areas. The first was better insight into what it takes to manage and grow a tech startup company from those who have great experience in the area and have a mutual interest to see prosperity in Saskatchewan companies. And the second was strategic connections, which can help take our business to the next level.”

Alicia Soulier from Salon Scale agreed, adding they learned a lot in San Francisco and also from the other TTT participants.

“We’re usually so wrapped up in running our companies and not asking for help or discussing our strategies. This trip helped form stronger connections to the people who are growing their companies alongside me in a new and challenging environment.”

SREDA President and CEO Alex Fallon said he was happy to hear about the tangible successes that came from TTT.

“We know that the Saskatoon Region is home to an innovative and cutting edge technology sector, and it’s great to be able to support our local talent on the world stage through a program like TTT,” he said. “By helping to facilitate connections between the Saskatoon Region and Silicon Valley, our hope is to help further strengthen our growing technology sector and attract more talent and investments to our region.”

Erin Lawson

Chief Executive Officer
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