Kari Harvey wins STIC Ambassador Award

Innovation Saskatchewan CEO Kari Harvey took home the Ambassador Award from SREDA’s Science, Technology, Innovation and Collaboration (STIC) Awards this past Thursday. Harvey’s commitment to fostering Saskatchewan’s tech ecosystem led to her nomination for the award, which was sponsored by the University of Saskatchewan.

Kari Harvey is an experienced, community-minded leader whose work promotes innovation and technology in the province. At Innovation Saskatchewan, Harvey works with a broad range of partners to support Saskatchewan startups. She also collaborates with the local research community to foster commercialization in the province.

“Kari Harvey is the unsung hero of the technology and research space in Saskatchewan,” said Katrina German, CEO of Ethical Digital. “She has led many initiatives that make Saskatchewan a great place to build and grow STEM companies. She is truly a champion of the industry.”

Harvey’s background in public service and other senior executive roles informs her forward-thinking, vision-focused management style. She has directly guided and positively impacted the people of Saskatchewan for over twenty years.

Accepting the award, Harvey said: “Thank you to SREDA for acknowledging the work we’re doing at Innovation Saskatchewan. I’d like to accept this award on behalf of my high-performing, inspirational team. I hope we can continue to represent and advocate for the tech sector in the province to ensure we achieve Saskatchewan’s growth plan goals.”

The Ambassador Award is given at SREDA’s annual STIC Awards to an inspiring individual that has made extensive contributions to the Saskatoon Region by promoting science, technology and innovation.

Katrina German, Kari Harvey, Alix Hayden