Israel, England, Manitoba: SREDA attracting companies to Saskatoon

Earlier this year, SREDA launched its Agriculture Technology HARVEST Program to attract budding ag-tech companies to Saskatoon. Now, just a few months later, SREDA is pleased to announce three companies are en route to Saskatoon next week. The companies all have innovative technologies and products that are ideal for Saskatchewan’s agriculture sector. The hope is they will see Saskatoon as the best place to expand their business.

During their visit, the companies will meet with key members of the Saskatchewan agriculture, science and innovation sectors as well as farmers and potential partners. They will also be attending Ag in Motion, Western Canada’s Outdoor Farm Expo.

SREDA President and CEO Alex Fallon said: “Over the last year, we have ramped up our business attraction efforts with the goal of attracting more international investment to Saskatoon. The fact that these three companies will be in Saskatoon on a business development mission shows our efforts are having success. We are looking forward to showcasing our vibrant city and fostering local connections and partnerships.”

SREDA will be hosting a Harvest Luncheon on July 19. SREDA members and Saskatoon business leaders are invited to join. To do so, simply drop Alex a line:

It takes a city to welcome new companies.

The 2022 Harvest participants are:

SoilWater Ltd. is a science innovation company with five years of research into global soil conditioning. The company collects data and then uses it to advise the best use of its Rescaype catalyst to assure climate change impact mitigation and meeting of net-zero targets in agricultural soils. SoilWater Ltd. is based in the United Kingdom.

Lavie-Bio is an agricultural biologics company. Their first product, “Result” is a bio inoculant that increases farmers’ wheat production. Lavie-Bio is based in Israel.

Bushel Plus invented the world’s number one Smart Drop Pan product. This calibration system quantifies harvest losses, saving farmers money and reducing their carbon footprint while improving soil health. Bushel Plus is based in Manitoba.