Grants, Guidance, Gear & More: Where Are 2020’s Go Money Winners Now?

Last August, SREDA gave five fledgling small businesses money to chase their dreams. They were the first cohort of winners from the Go Money grant program, where promising Saskatoon Region entrepreneurs get help launching fresh ideas. After making it through applications, strategy sessions and a pitch round, finalists received cash prizes, plus ongoing coaching from SREDA’s business development team. How are those first five winners doing now?

Pop + Tot Cloth Diaper Service, Alex Archer and Tyson Schultz

Alex Archer and Tyson Schultz, founders of Pop + Tot, are the eco-friendly duo making cloth diapering a safe, sustainable and simple alternative to disposable diapers. Twice a week, Pop + Tot delivers clean cloth diapers right to their customer’s door and picks up soiled diapers to be cleaned and re-distributed. This subscription-based service also provides the option of unlimited cloth wipes (for an additional charge) and diaper cover rentals.

Pop + Tot placed first in the inaugural Go Money competition and won a grant of $10,000. They are now working toward increasing their laundering capacity while continuing to sell cloth diapers and cloth diaper-related accessories through their online shop.

In August, Pop + Tot had diverted 30,000 disposable diapers from the landfill and confidently stated that their goal is to divert 100,000 by summer 2021.

Find Pop + Tot online here:

Cadence Final Documents Services, Rachel Drew

Rachel Drew is all too familiar with the pressures of document administration after the death of a loved one. That’s why she started Cadence Final Documents Services. Cadence aims to relieve some of the stress this task creates for people while they are grieving, offering a system to make the final documents process simple. Administration that typically takes 75 hours can be completed in less than one using Cadence software.

Cadence Final Documents Services won second place in the Go Money competition, including $7,500 to help develop the business. In a recent check-in with the SREDA team, Rachel said things were going well: after completing alpha testing of the application in October 2020, beta testing began in November.

Founding a start-up isn’t easy, but Rachel’s commitment to making the final document process smoother after going through it herself is what keeps her going, even when things get tough.

See the services offered by Cadence here:

Leto Mom, Dr. Amy Morris and Robyn Price

Moms know how to stick together, even online – that’s something Dr. Amy Morris and Robyn Price can attest to.  These women created an inclusive virtual community called Leto Mom that provides new moms with access to trusted breastfeeding education and support from reputable sources.

In addition to receiving a $5,000 grant and third place in SREDA’s Go Money program, Leto Mom took part in Co.Labs’ Co.Launch program for tech startups in the idea and prototype stage. As part of Co.Launch, Amy won Best Pitch in October and completed the program in December 2020. They have now moved on to be part of Co.Labs.

Every mom, any question, Leto Mom has the answer. Join the community on Facebook:

Life Outside Gear Exchange, Nancy Broten

Nancy Broten is taking sustainability outdoors with her company, Life Outside Gear Exchange. Nancy, her husband Matt and their four children are always on the lookout for adventure, which often takes them outside and off the beaten path. But being adventurous in Saskatchewan means proper outdoor gear is a must. Nancy saw an opportunity to make life outside more accessible, affordable and sustainable for everyone by providing high-quality outdoor gear through consignment.

With a retail store in Riversdale, Life Outside Gear Exchange supports both buyers and sellers of various used gear such as boots, skates, winter jackets, camping equipment, fishing gear, children’s apparel and even outdoor gear for the family dog.

Now that Life Outside is open to the public, we checked in with Nancy to see how things were going. After winning the $2,500 Go Money grant for fourth place, Life Outside has implemented an online store as well as their brick and mortar location in Riversdale. They have been busy helping people in Saskatoon get outside to enjoy the outdoors this unusual winter.

Ready for your next outdoor adventure? Click here to gear up:

Assisted AdvantAGE Senior Solutions, Jennifer White

Assisted AdvantAGE Senior Solutions’ mission is to support older adults as they transition into the type of senior living that fits their needs. Senior Living Consultants provide a personalized placement service for older adults and their loved ones, along with resources and recommendations to help clients navigate privately owned and operated senior living options.

Assisted AdvantAGE is the first organization of its kind in Saskatchewan, one of the reasons that Jennifer was awarded fifth place and a $2,500 grant in the Go Money program. When we checked in with Jennifer, she was hard at work developing her marketing strategy and continuing to actively seek clients.

Read more about Assisted AdvantAGE here:

Think you’ve got a grant-worthy idea? If you’re working on launching an original business with strong market potential in the Saskatoon Region, send us an email and we will notify you when the 2021 Go Money applications open.