Government of Canada and SREDA pitch Saskatoon to US Investors

SREDA will be meeting with companies interested in expanding to Canada during a weeklong United States Business Attraction Mission. The mission, led by Global Affairs Canada and Invest Canada, will consist of three cities – New York, Boston and Chicago.

SREDA will join the Canadian delegation which includes Calgary Economic Development, Edmonton Global, Economic Development Winnipeg and 12 other organizations. Business matchmaking meetings have been organized by Global Affairs Canada with Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) targets at each seminar stop.

“As Canada’s largest trading partner, and biggest source of FDI, attracting investment and businesses from the United States is key to growing our economy,” said Fallon. “With Saskatoon’s strong natural resource sector, science and innovation strengths, and an emerging tech sector, Saskatoon deserves to be showcased on the global stage. By working with the Federal Government on this mission, we can do exactly that”.

Canada and the United States share one of the largest trading relationships in the world, with Canada receiving over $34 billion in FDI from the United States in 2021. The United States is also Saskatchewan’s largest trading partner, with 40 percent of all provincial exports shipped south of the border.

SREDA is expecting to meet with about 20 companies from a variety of sectors who have shown interest in expanding to Canada.