From Fallon’s Desk: An Entrepreneurship Boom

SREDA’s SK Startup Institute inundated with calls from budding entrepreneurs. 

Barely three weeks after launching SK Startup Institute, SREDA’s new entrepreneurship program received over 125 inquiries from entrepreneurs across Saskatchewan for guidance on starting their business. 

Requests for assistance have ranged from help on registering a company name to more complex requests such as business planning advice and detailed market research.

I became an Advisor for the day, and took a call from an entrepreneur in Duck Lake; the client was looking to establish a construction business and needed help incorporating the entity name, plus advice on registering a PST and GST number. This is an example of a typical conversation between entrepreneurs and our Advisors, and is crucial to starting a successful business in Saskatchewan.

We know entrepreneurs and small businesses are the backbones of the provincial economy. And with many economists predicting the start of a boom cycle in Saskatchewan, lots of entrepreneurs are looking to take advantage of this opportunity by starting their own business. Our goal is to help launch a thousand new Saskatchewan businesses by 2030. Over the coming months, SK Startup Institute will be rolling out new programs and services that further support the many entrepreneurs across Saskatchewan, which will enhance our ability to reach that goal.

That’s what’s on my mind, let me know your thoughts.

Thanks, Alex