Comments on the Saskatchewan Budget Announcement

SREDA welcomes the approach taken in the 2016-17 budget to keep the Saskatchewan economy strong during this period of economic adjustment. Continued investments in infrastructure, training and agriculture bode well for the Saskatoon Region economy, as does the focus on keeping taxes low and controlling operational spending.

In particular, SREDA welcomes the following announcements which will benefit the Saskatoon Region economy:

  • $3.5B for infrastructure
  • $660M for Saskatchewan post-secondary institutions
  • Increased funding for Agriculture programs
  • Increasing the Canada-Saskatchewan Job Grant by $2.4M
  • Maintaining the lowest provincial personal and business tax rate in Canada

The Provincial Government’s commitment to return to a balanced budget in 2017-2018 is welcomed. SREDA looks forward to seeing what savings and efficiencies will be brought about by the government wide process of transformational change.

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