Director, Saskatoon North Partnership for Growth (P4G)

About the Saskatoon North Partnership for Growth

The Saskatoon North Partnership for Growth (P4G) is a collaborative that includes political and administrative representation from the City of Saskatoon, City of Warman, City of Martensville, Town of Osler and the Rural Municipality of Corman Park. The P4G also includes advisory representation from the Saskatoon Regional Economic Development Authority (SREDA).

To better face the opportunities and challenges that come with a growing region, P4G has prepared a P4G Regional Plan that will guide future growth in the region by establishing a coordinated approach to land use, development, infrastructure, and governance. As of September 25, 2017, the five partner municipalities have endorsed the P4G Regional Plan in principle.

To implement the P4G Regional Plan, the partner municipalities are in the process of creating a new joint P4G Planning District and undertaking planning, engineering and environmental studies. Currently, P4G consists of three committees, the Regional Oversight Committee or ROC (elected officials from each member community), the ROC Executive Committee or REC (Mayors and Reeve from each member community) and the Planning and Administration Committee or PAC (planning and administration professionals from each member community).

In order to lead the implementation of the P4G Regional Plan, P4G is seeking a dynamic individual with strong project management and leadership skills to assume the role of Director of the Saskatoon North Partnership for Growth.

Job Profile:

The Director of P4G will be employed by SREDA and report to ROC. The Director will also act as the Chair of REC and PAC. The Director will be responsible for leading P4G and managing projects related to the P4G. The Director will play a key role in advocating for P4G at the provincial and local levels, facilitating relationships between the P4G partners, engaging with local rights holders and stakeholders, and acting as the ‘face’ of P4G.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Provide leadership to P4G and ensure the implementation of the P4G Regional Plan moves forward according to the timelines set by the P4G partners.
  • Liaise with the P4G partners, provincial stakeholders and partners in and adjacent to the P4G region, including First Nation and Métis organizations and municipalities, on issues related to the P4G Regional Plan (e.g. regional infrastructure, regional planning, and land use).
  • Act as a spokesperson for the P4G and interface with key stakeholders (residents, local businesses, government officials, etc.) to ensure communication around P4G is open and transparent.
  • Interact with other professionals, property owners, consultants, and community and business associations regarding the P4G Regional Plan and other regional planning matters.
  • Oversee public, rights-holder and stakeholder engagement and media communications relating to the P4G Regional Plan including preparation of materials and ensuring alignment with the corporate policies and procedures of the P4G partners;
  • Address complex, sensitive and confidential issues on a regular basis and facilitate collaborative solutions to these issues;
  • Lead and coordinate the preparation of cross-disciplinary projects, studies and research consistent with P4G business plans, using a thorough knowledge of the P4G partners’ corporate requirements and standards of operation, partnership opportunities, and financial planning;
  • Coordinate the collection, analysis, distribution and publication of community and planning data for the P4G region to assist with decision-making and policy development;
  • Coordinate the preparation of Geographic Information Systems and mapping products for the P4G region;
  • Manage consultant contracts and projects consistent with the corporate policies and procedures of the P4G partners including preparing requests for proposals/tenders, identifying terms of reference, coordinating the review of proposals for consultant selection;
  • Make recommendations and administer consultant agreements on behalf of the P4G partners;
  • Prepare and present complex reports and recommendations to the P4G ROC and to the Committees and Councils of the P4G partners when required;
  • Prepare and manage the P4G business plan, budget and expenses, and research available grants to maximize funding sources;
  • Chair P4G PAC meetings, and other P4G related committee meetings when required;
  • Ensure a customer service culture by displaying and promoting leadership, accountability and recognition;
  • Manage P4G staff;
  • Perform other related duties as assigned.



  • Ten years or more of experience in a senior leadership or management role
  • Degree in Planning, civil engineering, architecture, business administration or other related fields
  • A professional designation in one of the following areas: MCIP, P.ENG, CGA, CMA or CA, AACI, SALA or Saskatchewan Association of Architects
  • Experience managing complex regional projects or projects with multiple stakeholders


Skills and Competencies

  • Thorough knowledge of the principles and practices of professional community and regional planning;
  • Thorough knowledge of applicable municipal bylaws and provincial legislation and regulations pertaining to community and regional planning;
  • Thorough knowledge of budgeting, financial and procurement procedures;
  • Demonstrated ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with Indigenous communities, governments, the public, professionals in various fields, civic officials, and other related external agencies;
  • Demonstrated ability to resolve complex issues in a multi-disciplinary environment including facilitation, negotiation, conflict management, managing extensive work programs, and delivering projects on schedule and within budgetary constraints;
  • Demonstrated ability to deliver consistent quality and performance while managing a high volume of work with multiple responsibilities and multiple partners;
  • Demonstrated ability to communicate effectively, including the preparation and presentation of complex policy, technical and financial reports;
  • Demonstrated ability to guide consultants and staff;
  • Demonstrated ability to make clear decisions in a prompt and consistent manner.

Interested candidates should submit their application in confidence to:

Alex Fallon, President & CEO and Independent Chair of the Regional Oversight Committee, P4G

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