7shifts, Brillist, SalonScale and the U of S win awards

Six local organizations and individuals took home awards from SREDA’s Science, Technology, Innovation and Collaboration (STIC) Awards event held at Prairieland Park on December 2nd.

The 2021 STIC Award winners are:

Product Award (operating 5 years or less) – SalonScale Technology Inc.

SalonScale is a B2B salon software that provides digital tools to create an ecosystem of sustainable hair salons around the world. Since the product release in late 2018, SalonScale Technology has grown to service over 1500 salons around the globe with over 6000 active users and over 100% year-over-year growth.

Product Award (operating more than 5 years) – Brillist

In make-to-order manufacturing and construction, over 70% of work is late and over budget, leading to over $790 billion lost every year. Brillist’s software helps manufacturing and construction projects remain on time and on budget. Brillist has worked with a wide range of customers, including Mosaic (the US’s largest potash producer) and Supreme Steel (one of North America’s largest privately owned steel fabricators).

Project Award – Deep learning automated diagnostic systems from medical imagery

The computer engineering research lab (CERL) at the University of Saskatchewan has developed numerous biomedical engineering applications that use deep learning to analyze medical imaging. Applications are in development for lung cancer diagnosis from CT; breast cancer diagnosis from ultrasound; (early) ankylosing spondylitis (AS) diagnosis from CT, with an MR/UTE project in its infancy; and COVID-19 detection from lungs using chest x-rays.

Team Award – 7Shifts Law & Order

Founded in Saskatoon, Canada, in 2014, with offices in Toronto and New Jersey, 7shifts is simplifying team management, one shift at a time. The Law & Order team has been developing one of 7shifts’ newest, high-demand features, Tip Pooling. This feature simplifies a key process in the restaurant industry, saving restaurant managers time while improving the accuracy and transparency of their tip calculations. The team is proud to solve another pain point, on top of scheduling, for 7shifts’ entrepreneurial customers who are coming out of the hardest time in history in the industry.

Outstanding Initiative Award – Usask SIGMA Skill Accelerator

SIGMA (Saskatchewan Innovation Growth & Market Acceleration) is an educational venture skill accelerator at the University of Saskatchewan that launched in 2021. It provides a capstone educational opportunity for student entrepreneurs and their cofounders.

Ambassador Award – watch for the winner in tomorrow’s NEWSflash!

STIC Award finalists and winners were chosen by the STIC Selection Committee. This committee consists of local industry, government and academic stakeholders.